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Choosing Our Criminal Defense Attorney In Amarillo, TX, Protects Your Rights.

When you are faced with criminal charges, it’s essential that you seek representation right away. At Jeffery A. Hill, Attorney at Law, our lead criminal defense attorney in Amarillo, TX, is here to provide the defense you need. With 10 years of experience as a former prosecutor, he understands the tactics used to get a conviction and applies that knowledge to build a strong defense for you. Whether you are charged with DWI, drug possession, assault, or something else, we work tirelessly to provide you with targeted legal services and advice.

A Leading Amarillo Defense Lawyer

Every citizen deserves their day in court. The innocent and the guilty are both entitled to the best possible defense in court. Anyone accused of a crime is entitled to the protections that our system affords. Many are unaware of these rights, and that lack of knowledge often leads to excessive fines and penalties beyond what the law originally intended.

Jeffery A. Hill is an Amarillo defense lawyer that goes the extra mile to ensure you are informed of every aspect of your case. The entire legal team wants you to have a clear voice when you stand before the court, and we want you involved in your defense.

Sit down with a defense lawyer that understands how to navigate the legal system in Amarillo. When you select an attorney that has argued for both the prosecution and the defense, you get a level of perspective for your case that others find difficult to match.

Empowering the Accused

The best defense lawyer can see the case from all sides. A lawyer that has worked for the prosecution understands the system and the best ways to use it to your advantage. As soon as you can make a phone call, dial our number and let’s start planning the defense of your rights.

The justice system can be ruthless and unforgiving. Law enforcement and prosecution often push their power for a confession or guilty plea. This can lead to the accused suffering unjust penalties like high fees, imprisonment, or loss of livelihood and freedom. However, you have rights, and our team helps uphold them, using the State’s tools against them. That’s why the best defense lawyer is the one that understands the system inside and out.

Scales of Justice

DWI & Drug Possession


White Collar, Juvenile, and Violent Crime

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Jeffery A. Hill leads our legal team. He graduated from the University of Nebraska’s College of Law in 2000 and began working as a prosecutor in 2003. In 2014, he decided to pursue criminal defense work. Contact our office to secure his representation for criminal defense as well as white-collar crimes.

Our mission is helping people exercise their right to a strong defense, backed by our reputation for quality, strategy, and client comfort. All too often, intimidation related to complicated criminal and juvenile laws leads good people into incarceration or fines. Our clients deserve better, so we strive to provide the representation they require for:

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