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When the state comes after you for a criminal offense, they'll use every tactic available to get a conviction. We know, because at the offices of Jeffrey A. Hill Attorney at Law, our lead lawyer in Amarillo, TX, was a prosecutor for ten years. His experience and inside knowledge are vital resources for clients in need of a strong defense against potentially devastating accusations. Let our legal team handle your case when you can't afford less than the best possible effort. Contact us today. 

An unfortunate fact of the matter is that the criminal justice system can be a ruthless institution. The authorities are all too eager to push their power to the limits in order to squeeze out a confession or a guilty verdict. As a consequence, the accused may suffer unjust penalties, such as fees, imprisonment--or worse. Their work can rob you of your livelihood, your family, your reputation, and your freedom. 

However, you have rights. You do not need to stand for the intimidating, one-sided tactics of the state. Instead, use their legal weaponry against them. Our team knows what it is like to work for the prosecution, so we know how they think and act. As your defenders, we will fight for you so that your case may have the best possible outcome.

You Have a Fighting Chance

The law may appear complex, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to navigate. Choose us as your legal defenders and justice advocates. As your criminal defense lawyers, we are committed to standing up for your rights. We will learn about your case, uncover the key details, and formulate a solid defense against the prosecution.

By turning to us for your legal services, you can expect us to bring the full extent of our experience to bear. We have worked with clients dealing with a variety of criminal charges, including white collar crime, DWI, drug possession, and violent crime. Our dynamic legal team provides assertive representation that also gives clients clarity and insight. With our assistance, you can approach your case with confidence and realistic expectations.

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White Collar, Juvenile, and Violent Crime

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Our team is led by Jeffery A. Hill. Mr. Hill graduated from University of Nebraska College of Law in 2000 and began working as a prosecutor in 2003. He has pursued defense work since mid-2014. Backed by a continuing reputation for quality, thorough strategy, and client comfort, our mission is simple: helping people exercise their right to a strong defense. All too often, intimidation related to complicated laws or prosecutorial action leads good people into years of incarceration or burdensome fines. We think that our clients deserve better. Trust our criminal defense attorney to provide the comprehensive plan you need to work toward the outcome that's ideal in your circumstances.

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