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Dealing with DWI and Drug Possession in Amarillo, TX

When your freedom, privileges, and reputation are on the line, you need the best legal team possible to fight for your rights. Jeffrey A. Hill Attorney at Law is here to help you handle charges with confidence. Our firm empowers clients to make the most of their resources and avoid being railroaded into accepting lifelong consequences because of one incident. With us on your side, you can push back against allegations of DWI and drug possession in Amarillo, TX.

Our Approach

Each case is different, and giving you the best possible defense means taking the time to understand your situation. Because of the nature of the charges, you’ll face an uphill climb against assumptions that prosecutors rely on to sway judges and juries. We work to present you as a person, not a potential danger. When you can overcome the bias and negative associations of your charges, it’s much easier to mount a strong legal defense.

We don’t just focus on feelings, though. Our law firm has the resources and experience to pursue every lead in your case. From investigating the officer involved to exploring the scene of the alleged crime, we look at every angle to make sure that you have a robust defense.

Breathalyzer, DWI & Drug Possession, Amarillo, TX

Always on Your Side

It’s easy to feel like nobody trusts you after a charge like this. Our team commits to supporting each client with compassion. In addition to giving you the best possible defense, we stand by your side and help you see a way through the difficult path ahead. Whether you’re a professional with a career at risk or a young driver bewildered by confusing juvenile law processes, we have your back. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation about your case.