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The Best Defense Lawyer in Amarillo, TX, for You

Being accused of a crime shouldn’t restrict your rights. In fact, it’s when those rights are most important. Jeffrey A. Hill Attorney at Law, our lead lawyer, believes that every client deserves a fighting chance to stay in control of their lives. That starts with taking the reins of your case -- something that’s hard to do without the right representation. 

What makes Mr. Hill the best defense lawyer in Amarillo, TX, for your case is his relentless commitment to protecting your rights. While nothing is ever certain in the legal process, having the best representation will help you achieve the best possible outcome. Our law firm has experience dealing with a wide range of accusations, including:

  • DWI & Drug Possession
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Violent Incidents

Built On Values

It’s not enough to have a skilled defense lawyer. When it comes down to telling your story, you want someone who authentically believes in what they do. That’s precisely what you get with our team. In every drop of ink on a document and every word of an argument, we commit to the values at the core of our mission. 

Those include honesty with our clients, passion for our work, and dedication to finding solutions that advance your case. Get in touch with us today for help fighting back against unfair charges.